We have been running WordPress for years at our own domain, and that will continue for as long as I can keep one making our case. Always over the past we have we used our own domains    Our first was Morality101.net. then merged into No-Ruler.net.  Then we got rid of that “-” so today it’s all at NoRuler.net.  That’s where we hope you’ll visit and participate.

That case is that supposedly intelligent “humans” have allowed themselves to be Ruled by GOVERNments of Force for as far back as we can see thru the darkness of History.  Mankind ought to have had better sense. but that’s our struggle forever.

Thru man’s long history, we have watched GOVERNments be formed, grow into tyranny. make wars and kill their own “citizens”, only to finally Fail.  Few actually consented to be governed.  Think about that, surely mankind can do much better!

Back in 3rd or 4th grade I wrote my first poem, about generals who might be president.  In 1964 we moved to Arizona and cheered republican Barry Goldwater’s announcing for president from the courthouse steps in Prescott.  From there I worked get the Libertarians on the Arizona ballot, and have been there ever since. Uh, that was back in the Sixties.

During most of my own entire long life, “politics” has Ruled me also, of course.  I finally came to realize that GOVERNment was not “human”, not at all.

Please visit our real website at http://noruler.net, and join us in this movement!

Best to all!
Dean Striker
Arizona, USA


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